Mauricio E. Ramirez

Email: ramirezmauricio1415@gmail.com

Mauri-tie IMG_4616

Hello! My full name is Mauricio Ernesto Ramirez. You can call me Mr. Ramirez or Mr. R for short. I am a San Francisco native, born and raised, and I grew up in the Excelsior District. I consider my self a first generation Salvadoran-American, because both of my parents are from El Salvador, a country located in Central America.

I have been painting since middle school and at a very young age I enjoyed creating cartoon characters. Once I started High School in 2004, I began to take painting seriously thanks to my art teacher Mr. Olsen who influenced me to paint on canvas. By my Junior year in High School I joined an urban youths program at Precita Eyes Muralist and began learning how to paint murals.

In 2007 I began my undergraduate career at UC Santa Cruz. As I began UC Santa Cruz, I  knew I wanted to pursue Art as a major. In those four years as an undergraduate I painted two murals in Santa Cruz. My senior year at UC Santa Cruz, I worked at Hartman Juvenile Hall as a mural instructor. Through my dedication of painting murals with youth, I have dedicated to commit my life towards teaching art to students of all backgrounds and ages.

Philosophy of Education

My purpose as an art educator is to empower students and teach them how to harvest their creativity into artistic expression. I believe all students can benefit from learning academic subjects through interdisciplinary arts instruction. Art as an academic subject encompasses all forms of self-expression and creativity. There are several forms of art that enable children to express their ideas, emotions and thoughts. My art practice involves a balance of art studio, aesthetics and art history. As a standard, I would maintain a culturally responsible pedagogy in my art form to expose children to new cultures and values. Art from different cultures carry a strong historical aspect that is critical students learns from. I believe students gain more from art lessons when a historical component is added to their art activities. Another important element to art education is aesthetics and self-reflection. It is important for students to question their own art and other people’s art in order to grasp a better understanding of the art world. My responsibility is to embrace students from all backgrounds and expose them to discipline based art education.

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