Mauricio E. Ramirez

Email: ramirezmauricio1415@gmail.com



Philosophy of Education

My purpose as an art educator is to empower students and teach them how to harvest their creativity into artistic expression. I believe all students can benefit from learning academic subjects through interdisciplinary arts instruction. Art as an academic subject encompasses all forms of self-expression and creativity. There are several forms of art that enable children to express their ideas, emotions and thoughts. My art practice involves a balance of art studio, aesthetics and art history. As a standard, I would maintain a culturally responsible pedagogy in my art form to expose children to new cultures and values. Art from different cultures carry a strong historical aspect that is critical students learns from. I believe students gain more from art lessons when a historical component is added to their art activities. Another important element to art education is aesthetics and self-reflection. It is important for students to question their own art and other people’s art in order to grasp a better understanding of the art world. My responsibility is to embrace students from all backgrounds and expose them to discipline based art education.


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